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Wildfire Car Lifts


Safely Store and Maintain Your Prized Vehicles with Wildfire Lifts

Looking to store your prized possessions? Wildfire Lifts has some of the safest and highest quality 4-post car lifts on the market. Wildfire Lifts offers a superior lift choice with their aesthetically pleasing designs that feature more stability and support than 2-post car lifts or other lifts on the market.

These lifts were engineered to decrease chances of swaying or structural lock failure.They are built with robust materials to protect your vehicles while providing you with extra space in your garage. All of the vehicle lift models feature freestanding designs that allow you to easily reposition or move your lift as needed (bolting your lift down is not required).

Whether you’re looking for a way to perform auto repair and maintenance in your home garage, add another vehicle to your collection, or clear some space in your garage, Wildfire Lifts offers a solution to meet your needs.

Wildfire Standard Car Lift

If you have limited space or only need to store a few smaller automobiles, the Wildfire Standard lift is the choice for you. With 9,000-lb maximum lifting capacity and 6’ maximum clearance on top locks, the Wildfire Standard is perfect for storing your sports car or powersports vehicles.



Wildfire XLT Car Lift

For added clearance and length, you’ll want to take a look at the Wildfire XLT lift. Built with 9,000-lb maximum lifting capacity and 6’ 10” maximum clearance on top locks, you’ll have the ability to lift nearly any vehicle, from a sports car, to a full-sized pickup truck. The Wildfire XLT is the most popular lift in the lineup and even includes an added 1’ 8” of length to help protect and safely lift longer wheelbase vehicles.


Wildfire Double Wide Car Lift

Need added space to store multiple vehicles? The Double Wide Car Lift can transform your two-car garage into a four-car garage to store all your favorite toys. This robust vehicle lift has 10,000-lb maximum lifting capacity with 6’ 9” maximum clearance on top locks.



We Can Help You Find the Best Lift for Your Garage

Our team is here to help you find the best car lift to support your vehicle collection. If you’re looking for a car lift that offers safety and stability, come visit us at Tousley Motorsports.


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