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Take your adventures to uncharted territory with Timbersled® snow biking systems—the industry leader since 2010.

Who said you had to choose between a dirt bike or a snow bike? Convert from dirt to snow and back again to enjoy the ride year-round!

How the Timberland® System Works

Step 1

Timbersled® systems are designed to fit nearly every dirt bike. Just let us know your bike's year, make, and model—we'll find the perfect Timbersled® system for you.

Step 2

Your Timbersled® system includes a front ski and rear track to replace your bike tires. Choose the system that works best for your riding style and terrain preference.

Step 3

You'll recieve an install kit with bike-specific mounting pieces. You have the choice between a basic economical option to get you started, or an upgraded shock for performance-minded riders.

Step 4

Follow the instructions for a DIY install, or let us help with the installation and you'll be ready in no time!

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